Lunch Menu

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Lunch Special

Serve with Miso Soup and White Rice w. Fried Rice$1.00 Extra
L1.  Chicken Teriyaki (Lunch) $9.50
L2.  Beef Teriyaki (Lunch) $9.50
L3.  Shrimp Teriyaki (Lunch) $9.50
L4.  Salmon Teriyaki (Lunch) $9.50
L5.  Tofu Teriyaki (Lunch) $9.50
L6.  Tonkatsu (Lunch) $9.50
L7.  Chicken Katsu (Lunch) $9.50
L8.  Shrimp Tempura (Lunch) $9.50
L9.  Chicken Tempura (Lunch) $9.50
L10.  Vegetable Tempura (Lunch) $9.50
L11.  Beef Asparagus Maki (Lunch) $9.50
L12.  Beef Negimaki (Lunch) $9.50

Lunch Bento Box

Served with Miso Soup
with California Roll, Spring Roll, Crab Rangoon and White Rice
Chicken Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Beef Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Shrimp Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Salmon Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Tofu Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Tonkatsu (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Chicken Katsu (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Shrimp Tempura (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Chicken Tempura (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Vegetable Tempura (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Beef Asparagus Maki (Lunch Bento) $10.95
Beef Negimaki (Lunch Bento) $10.95

Stir Fry Noodle (Lunch)

Served with Clear Soup
Choice of Udon or Lo Mein or Soba
Vegetable Udon/Lo Mein/Soba(Lunch) $7.95
Chicken Udon/Lo Mein/Soba(Lunch) $8.95
Shrimp Udon/Lo Mein/Soba(Lunch) $8.95

Hibachi Fried Rice

Served with Clear Soup
Vegetable Hibachi Fried Rice $7.95
Chicken Hibachi Fried Rice $8.95
Shrimp Hibachi Fried Rice $8.95

Lunch Sushi Special

Serve w. Miso Soup
Sushi Lunch
California Roll and 5 pcs Nigiri
Spicy Tuna Roll and 6 pcs Nigiri $11.95
Sashimi Lunch
(California Roll & 6 Pcs Sashimi)
Sushi and Sashimi Lunch
4 pcs nigiri, 6 pcs sashimi and California roll

Lunch Maki Special

Serve w. Miso Soup
California RollSpicy Tuna Roll
Salmon RollShrimp Avocado Roll
Boston RollAlaskan Roll
Cucumber Cream Cheese Roll(Salmon, cucumber, avocado)
Spicy Salmon RollChicken Tempura Roll
Shrimp Cucumber RollSpicy Shrimp Roll
Philadelphia RollEel Crunch Roll
(Smoke salmon, cream cheese, avocado)Buddha Roll
Avocado Roll(Peanut, cream cheese, avocado)
Tuna RollSpicy Crab Roll
Sweet Potato RollSalmon Avocado Roll
Eel Avocado RollTempura Roll
Spicy Vegetable Roll(Crab, cheese, avocado)
Fuji Roll
(Spicy white tuna avocado)
Any 2 Roll $8.95
Any 3 Roll $11.50

Hibachi Lunch

Serve w. Clear Soup and Fried Rice & vegetable
HL1.  Hibachi Shrimp (Lunch) $10.95
HL2.  Hibachi Chicken (Lunch) $9.95
HL3.  Hibachi Steak (Lunch) $10.95
HL4.  Hibachi Salmon (Lunch) $10.95
HL5.  Hibachi Scallop (Lunch) $10.95
HL6.  Hibachi Vegetable (Lunch) $8.95
HL7.  Hibachi Steak Chicken (Lunch) $12.95
HL8.  Hibachi Filet Mignon (Lunch) $12.95
HL9.  Hibachi Shrimp Chicken (Lunch) $12.95
HL10.  Hibachi Chicken Scallop (Lunch) $12.95


Clear Soup
Clear broth to mushroom, seaweed and scallion
Miso Soup
Soy bean soup with scallion, tofu and seaweed
Seafood Soup
Shrimp, scallop, crab stick and vegetable
Tom Yum Goog Soup(Shrimp or Chicken)
Spicy Thai soup


Garden Salad
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber with ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad
Marinated seaweed, lettuce
Avocado Salad
Lettuce, cucumber with avocado
Crabmeat Salad
Cucumber crab stick, masago, spicy
Squid Salad
Delicious dish vegetable mix


From Kitchen

Steamed soy bean
Shu Mai
6 Steamed shrimp dumpling
Gyoza (Steamed or Fried)
6 pork dumpling
Beef Negimaki
6 Broiled beef with scallion
Crab Rangoon (6pc) $4.75
2 pcs spring roll
Coconut Shrimp (6pcs) $5.95
Fried Soft Shell Crab $8.95
Rock Shrimp or Chicken
Lightly batter fried shrimp or chicken tossed with mild sweet sauce
Tempura Shrimp or Chicken
Deep fried shrimp or chicken and veg. with tempura sauce
Egg Roll
2 pc pork vegetable
Beef Asparagus
6 Broiled beef with asparagus
Fried Calamari $5.95

From Sushi Bar

Tuna or Steak Tataki
Sears it slice with ponzu sauce, masago sesame seed
Sushi Appetizer (5)
(Chef choice)
Sashimi Appetizer (6)
(Chef choice)
Stuffed Jalapeno
Deep fried jalapeno, spicy tuna, cream cheese
Fusion Sashimi
Slice tuna, salmon, yellowtail with jalapeno, masago sears with ponzu sauce
Bonsai Tree
Broiled scallop, crab on top spicy tuna, crunch, masago
Oyster Bay
Deep fried oyster cilantro masago

Roll and Hand Roll


California Roll
Cucumber, avocado and crabstick
Boston Roll
Shrimp, lettuce with spicy mayo, cucumber
Shrimp Avocado Roll $5.50
Eel Cucumber or Avocado Roll $5.50
Tempura Shrimp or Chicken Roll $6.95
Salmon Skin Roll $5.50
Spider Roll
Fried soft shell crab
Manhattan Roll
Snow crab, cucumber, avocado, masago, spicy mayo
East Roll
BBQ eel, cream cheese, crunch
A1 Roll
Smoke salmon, crab, lettuces, avocado wrapped rice
Tempura Roll
Deep fried crab, cream cheese, avocado
Oyster Roll
Deep fried oyster with lettuce, avocado, spicy mayo
Salmon Tempura Roll
With cucumber, avocado
FDL Roll
Japanese, egg stick, cream cheese, avocado, mango wrapped
Spicy Shrimp Roll $5.50
Spicy Crab Roll $5.50


Yellowtail Roll $4.95
Tuna Roll $4.95
Salmon Roll $4.95
Spicy Salmon or Tuna or White Tuna Roll $5.50
Philadelphia Roll
Smoked salmon & cream cheese, avocado
Alaska Roll
Salmon, avocado, cucumber
AK47 Roll (8 Pcs)
Spicy tuna, avocado, crab, flying fish roe
Crazy Roll (8 Pcs)
Spicy salmon, crab, cucumber crunch, masago
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $6.95
Spicy Scallop Roll $6.95
Secret Roll
White tuna, jalapeno, cream cheese
Pacific Roll
Smoke salmon, snow crab, cilantro, avocado, masago soy bean pepper
Chicago Roll
Tempura salmon, asparagus, cream cheese masago

Vegetable Roll

Cucumber Roll $4.50
Sweet Potato Roll $4.50
Asparagus Roll $4.50
Avocado Roll $4.50
Spicy Vegetable Roll $4.95
AAC Roll
Avocado, asparagus, cucumber

Special Rolls

Fuji Yummy Roll (Cooked)(8 Pcs)
Spicy tuna, crabmeat, cucumber avocado inside, outside wrapped with yellowtail, topped with Japanese mayo
Green Dragon Roll (Cooked)(8 Pcs)
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, outside with eel, avocado
Rainbow Roll(8 Pcs)
California roll inside, top with salmon, tuna, avocado, masago
Lover’s Roll(10 Pcs)
Lobster meat, spicy tuna, salmon, avocado wrap with pink soy paper
Double Spicy Roll(8 Pcs)
Spicy salmon inside, outside spicy tuna crunch, spicy mayo, tobiko
Volcano Roll (Cooked)(10 Pcs)
A tempura roll (salmon, crabmeat, cucumber and avocado), topped with spicy eel sauce and masago
Dynamite Roll (Cooked)(10 Pcs)
Salmon, eel, shrimp, avocado, cucumber wrapped, masago deep fried
Sweet Plus Roll (Cooked)(8 Pcs)
Sweet potato tempura cucumber inside, outside shrimp avocado, crab, masago on top

A La Carte Sushi Sashimi

Sushi 2 Pcs or Sashimi 3 Pcs

Sushi Sashimi
Egg (Tamago) $4.25 $5.50
Crab Meat (Kani) $4.25 $5.50
Tuna (Maguro) $4.25 $5.50
White Tuna $4.25 $5.50
Salmon (Sake) $4.25 $5.50
Shrimp (Ebi) $4.25 $5.50
Squid (Ika) $4.25 $5.50
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) $4.25 $5.50
Red Clam (Hokkigai) $4.25 $5.50
Octopus (Tako) $4.25 $5.50
Yellowtail (Hamachi) $4.25 $5.50
Eel (Unagi) $4.25 $5.50
Saba (Mackerel) $4.25 $5.50
Smoked Salmon $4.25 $5.50
Albacore Tuna $4.25 $5.50
Smelt Fish Roe $4.25 $5.50
Scallop $4.25 $5.50
Wasabi Tobiko $4.25 $5.50

From Sushi Bar Entree

Served Miso Soup and Garden Salad

Roll Combo
Tuna roll, salmon roll, California roll
Spicy Combo
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy crab roll
Tempura Combo
Shrimp tempura roll, chicken tempura roll, salmon tempura roll
Fuji Combo
Spicy salmon, eel crunch, California roll
American Sushi
3 pcs tuna sushi, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail, shrimp tempura roll
Sushi Regular
8 pcs of sushi & California roll
Sashimi Regular
10 pcs sashimi & spicy tuna roll
Sushi + Sashimi
5 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi, spicy tuna roll
Unagi Don
Broiled 8 pcs eel over sushi rice
Love Boat (for 2)
12 pcs sushi, 14 pcs sashimi, California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Green Dragon Roll

Signature Roll

Amazing Roll
Spicy salmon, crunch, crab wrapped sears salmon, mango, cilantro
Wisconsin Roll
Spicy scallop, crunch, jalapeno, pepper salmon with avocado
Tokyo Express Roll
Shrimp tempura, jalapeno inside, spicy crab crunch tobiko and cilantro
Fire Dragon Roll
Oyster tempura, cream cheese, avocado with spicy tuna on top
Sea Coast Roll
Crab meat, cucumber, avocado with cooked crab meat, scallop on top
Sun flower Roll (10 Pcs)
Soy bean pepper spicy crab, shrimp tempura, seaweed salad, cream cheese
Caterpillar Roll
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, albacore tuna with tobiko
Packers Roll
Spicy white tuna crunch inside, and eel, salmon, and fresh tuna
American Dream Roll
Shrimp tempura, avocado inside with spicy yellowtail, mango, masago
Godzilla Roll(10 pcs)
Soy bean pepper deep fried spicy tuna, asparagus, avocado cream cheese
White House Roll(10 pcs)
Sesame seed, soy bean pepper tuna, salmon, yellowtail avocado
King Scorpion Roll
Soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado inside, and lobster salad on top
Stop Roll
Deep fried spicy white tuna, jalapeno, avocado and cream cheese
Fancy Tuna Roll
Spicy tuna, mango & avocado tempura
Rock "N" Roll(10 pcs)
Tempura spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese, baked with scallop and crab
New York Roll
Spicy crab, avocado crunch wrapped, and spicy scallop
King of King Roll
Cream cheese, shrimp tempura, crab cilaniro and avocado.
Angry Dragon Roll
Shrimp tempura sticy tuna, avocado inside, spicy crab to top

Stir Fry Noodle

Served w. Garden Salad
Noodle Choice Udon / Soba / Lo Mein

Vegetable Noodle(Choice of any one) $9.95
Chicken / Shrimp Yaki Udon Noodle
Chicken $10.95, Shrimp $11.95
Chicken / Shrimp Lo Mein Noodle
Chicken $10.95, Shrimp $11.95
Chicken / Shrimp Saba Noodle
Chicken $10.95, Shrimp $11.95

Fried Rice

Served with Garden Salad

Chicken Fried Rice $10.95
Steak Fried Rice $11.95
Shrimp Fried Rice $11.95
Vegetable Fried Rice $9.95

Kitchen Dinner


Broiled with Teriyaki Sauce and Vegetable
Served with Miso Soup, Garden Salad & White Rice
w. Fried Rice$1.00 Extra
T1.  Tofu (Teriyaki Dinner) $13.95
T2.  Squid (Teriyaki Dinner) $16.95
T3.  Chicken (Teriyaki Dinner) $13.95
T4.  Steak (Teriyaki Dinner) $17.95
T5.  Salmon (Teriyaki Dinner) $16.95
T6.  Shrimp (Teriyaki Dinner) $16.95

Bento Box

Served with Miso Soup, Garden Salad, California Roll, Shrimp Tempura & Vegetable, Fried Dumpling & White Rice
w. Fried Rice$1.00 Extra
Tofu Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95
Squid Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95
Chicken Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95
Steak Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95
Salmon Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95
Shrimp Teriyaki (Bento Box Dinner) $18.95


Lightly Battered Fried Until Crispy
Served with Miso Soup, Garden Salad & White Rice
w. Fried Rice$1.00 Extra
Vegetable (Tempura Dinner) $10.95
Chicken (Tempura Dinner) $12.95
Shrimp (Tempura Dinner) $13.95
Deep fried cutlet, Japanese style
Chicken Katsu(Dinner) $13.95

Hibachi Dinner

Served w. Traditional Clear Soup, Garden Salad, Vegetable and Fried Rice
Add Noodle Extra $2

Hibachi Vegetable $11.95
Hibachi Chicken $13.95
Hibachi Shrimp $18.95
Hibachi Scallops $19.95
Hibachi Salmon $18.95
Hibachi NY Strip Steak $18.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon $22.95
Hibachi Twin Lobster Tails $30.95

Hibachi Combo

Hibachi Chicken Combo with Steak $19.95
Hibachi Chicken Combo with Shrimp $19.95
Hibachi Chicken Combo with Salmon $19.95
Hibachi Chicken Combo with Scallop $19.95
Hibachi Steak Combo with Shrimp $19.95
Hibachi Steak Combo with Salmon $19.95
Hibachi Steak Combo with Scallop $19.95
Hibachi Shrimp Combo with Salmon $19.95
Hibachi Shrimp Combo with Scallop $19.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon Combo with Chicken $22.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon Combo with Shrimp $22.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon Combo with Salmon $22.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon Combo with Scallop $22.95
Hibachi Lobster Combo with Steak $26.95
Hibachi Lobster Combo with Salmon $26.95
Hibachi Lobster Combo with Scallop $26.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon and Lobster Combo $29.95
Hibachi Seafood Combo (Lobster, Scallop, Shrimp) $32.95
Hibachi Deluxe Combo (Filet Lobster, Chicken) $32.95

Asian Cuisine

Served Salad or Clear Soup

General Tso's Chicken
Most popular dishes in the world lightly battered
Sesame Chicken $10.95
Sweet Sour Chicken
Chicken tenders deep fried crispy
Orange Chicken $10.95
Mongolian Beef or Chicken
Thin sliced beef gets a quick in hot oil then is simmered sweet soy sauce
Pad Thai Noodle
Chicken or Tofu $11.5, Shrimp $12.5
Chicken/ tofu/ shrimp Thailand’s best dish rice noodle with green onion and eggs
Thai Fried Rice
Chicken $11.5, Shrimp $12.5
Chicken or shrimp stir fried curry flavored eggs vegetable
Curry Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken $11.5, Shrimp $12.5
A rich think red curry with coconut milk basil potato
Basil Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken $11.5, Shrimp $12.5
Wok fried slice chicken or shrimp with vegetable light sauce
Walnut Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp lightly breaded w. special mayonnaise walnut on top
Crispy Coconut Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp quick fried with coconut flake yummy sauce
Broccoli Chicken or Beef
Chicken$11.5, Beef $11.5


Ice Cream
Choice of vanilla, green tea, red bean
Cheese Cake Tempura $3.95
Ice Cream Tempura
Choice of green tea, red bean
Mochi (Japanese Ice Cream)
Choice mango, chocolate, strawberry, red bean

Side Order

Only with Order From Hibachi Main Entree

Fried Rice(Side Order) $3.50
Fried Noodles(Side Order) $3.50
White Rice(Side Order) $1.75
Chicken(Side Order) $4.95
Steak(Side Order) $6.95
Shrimp(Side Order) $6.95